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Thread: Carputer build. Need help

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    Carputer build. Need help

    hey guys.. need your help on this one. I've decided i'm going to build an in car pc for my car (00 Skoda Octavia). Now i aint good with computer parts and what stuff i need so i was wondering if someone could give me some help. I'm looking for a monitor which will fit in my dash (single din) with touch screen but i would also like it to play the radio and if at all possible to connect up to the 6cd changer in my boot (not neccessary). pc wise, i'm looking for something with a bit of speed. doesn't have to be majorly fast. but i'm looking for something with a lot of memory (to store mp3s) 100gb or 200gb and i'll prob install windows xp, and have a small wireless keyboard and an instant bootable media player so that i can play discs without having to boot up the operating system, possibly sat nav (i have a garmin already but if its cheap enough i'll put it on the computer). i also want to connect to the internet (when i'm at home via wireless internet, just to update windows and anything else that needs updating). and last but not least i want a car diag programme to hook up to the OBD2, just basic stuff like car temp and stuff like that (if its not too much trouble to install it all). anyways... i'd be grateful for your help as i think it'd be a cool project to do. so any help is grateful. as i said. i aint a computer wiz or anything so thats why i need to know everything i need to buy, how to install, how to connect to the car, how to connect the car speakers etc...

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    no one can tell you everything, but the answers to ALL your questions start here

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    well i'll start you off on some hardware. I chose a jetway jf92 extreme motherboard which takes core 2 duo mobile processors which gives u a little bit of speed. It also has a min pci express slot as well as a mini pci. With those ports you can get a wireless card and maybe a bluetooth card or something. As far as harddrive space you get a 200 GB notebook harddrive for like 100 bucks. Check out my work log i have a couple of parts that might give u some ideas. Once you get a part list together everyone here can help u get to the next part of ur project.

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