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Thread: Will this hurt my car battery?

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    Will this hurt my car battery?

    OK Im in the building stages of my setup I will be using a Mac Mini with a Xenarc 7" touch screen. I also will have an Orion BP-HP10D2 sub (500W RMS) and an Orion HCCA-D1200 amp (600W RMS) Will I be ok with my current battery in my 05 Altima SER or will it drain?

    I could get a capicitator for really cheap, would that help?

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    the battery should do little more than start the car.

    It's your alternator you need to consider.

    And caps don't do a lick of good in small capacities.

    Also, I'd like to note that the power handling of your sub has little to nothing to do with the drain on your battery as it does not generate ANY power, it only consumes it. Your amplifier is the only one of those two that matters.

    The power consumption of CarPCs is next to nothing in the grans scheme of things.

    You should be fine.
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