Hey everyone. A couple of months ago, I started looking at carpcs and now i'm finally warming up to one. I've put together multiple computers before, so i'm pretty handy and one of my friends would help me install it into the DIN area. However, it seems like it's almost impossible to build a system from scratch and fit it all into single DIN. So far, the best deal I've found is this neway CL7702PA + CL7701NT combo. Its a single din motorized screen and single din computer. For $800, this seems to be quite a good deal, but I can't find ANY reviews. The PC module looks like it's rebranded under Lilliput brand (thats probably the first brand I found when I started looking at car pc's, so it can't be that bad) but I have no idea about the monitor. I'm planning to install it into my 2007 Yaris.
Here's the link to the PC: http://www.newaye.com/CarPC.htm
Here's the link to the screen: http://www.newaye.com/7701NT.Htm

All ideas and criticism welcomed, but please give reasons why those products are good/bad.

Thanks a lot!