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Thread: Need Help With Damaged Bumper Cover

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    Need Help With Damaged Bumper Cover

    I backed my 06 Forester into a post and put a dent in the rear bumper cover. I think it needs to be replaced. The tailight assembly has a crack in one of the mounts. I called one place and to ship a bumper cover to LA was $$$. I am trying to find someone in LA that can spray the cover for me. I think I can replace it easily enough with instructions and the tailights are very easy. If any one has any online resources, resources in Los Angeles or info regarding how to remove and replace the bumper cover, please help if you can. Thanks. The body shops that I have taken the car to are $$$.

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    I hope I am not to late. This is in fact what I do for a living(help people buy the right material, and give them advise on what to do.). Alrighty, if your in to the diy kind of thing this is an easy fix. Most bumper covers are made of a variety of different molded plastic type stuff. Almost all of them will do the coolest thing. take that bumper cover off and set it in the sun or heat it up with something slowly, and that dent will go back to its original shape. If the paint is messed up that might take a spray gun and sander and allot of other tools that might not be laying around. If the paint is bad then go to a auto supply store and buy some paint. 1/2 pint of any good paint should be enough and honestly with an 06 car GO WITH THE GOOD STUFF (PPG,nexa,dupont,sikkens)these match really well. The paint code is under the hood on the driver side strut tower and will look like 39j or 42r always to numbers and one letter. Take that paint to a body shop and have em squirt that stuff on. If you are wondering bumper covers for that model are going for $158.00 in Tennessee so probably higher in LA, so I hope its not torn or cracked. That can be fixed to though, just ask the guys at the supply store how to do it.
    hope this helps... If anyone else needs info on anything like this (fabbing or painting or interior paint codes or anything) dont be scared to post it. I am always on here looking for info I would love to contribute.
    Seeing as how it is pretty much the only thing I know anything about in this world. Im out

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