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Thread: How much for a common install...?

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    How much for a common install...?

    List of things currently installed already:
    JL 12W7 Subwoofer
    JL 500/1 Amp
    JL 300/4 Amp
    Aftermarket Morel Hybrid Ovation 6 speaker system

    **Alpine surround sound audio proccessor**
    Anyone have any good suggestions on a sound card that is compatible with this proccessor???

    List of things that I want to install and have already:
    Mac Mini(Bluetooth & Wifi)
    Carnetix CNX-P1900 with P5V
    Mac Pac Power Cables
    2 4-port USB Hubs
    7" Xenarc VGA/USB touchscreen monitor
    Rear view camera(baught from mp3car store)
    USB GPS Receiver
    USB Volume Control Knob
    Firewave soundcard
    Multiple USB Extension cables

    Heres my wishlist:

    USB AM/FM Radio Unit
    Sirius Satelite Radio

    Ok now I have a few more questions being a newbie and all...

    I have alot of USB devices to hook up around 9-12 and Im looking for a 5v powered USB hub that can handle some of my devices and the 2 extra 4port hubs I have. Any good suggestions?

    By the way my car is a 2003 E46 M3

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    Here's the thing: it depends on your car and what you are willing to do to try and make things work. Basically, if you have a car where you can easily peel back the carpeting so you can lay the foundation wiring, and you feel comfortable doing that yourself, then you should give it a shot with someone to help you. For example, if you have your subs/amps etc, you'll need a power distrobution block. Depending on your setup (if your going to put the PC under a seat/in the trunk), you may want 2 distrobution blocks so you can ground everything to the same place. If you can open up your head, you can run the wires you will eventually need for your PC (for me that was a USB wire, a stereo cable, and a VGA cable). For the surround sound mixer... I hate to say it but a >$100 USB creative can give you the same if not better sound. You could just wire the speakers directly to the creative, have that go to either the speakers themselves, or go to a multi-channel amp, then to the speakers. Real pain in the rear is getting the touch screen your front end. For that you'll need the right tools, and whatever material you would want to use to hold the screen in. If anything, that's whee I would be paying my money, but as for getting the carputer underneath the seat or in the trunk, that it easy enough. As for your USB hubs, check something like this out.
    CarPC: 100%
    Software: 100%
    Amps/Subs: 0% (on hold)
    Fabrication: Need help!!! Someone in Boston area who can help me with this please send me a PM.

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