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Thread: car computer, carputer

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    car computer, carputer

    First post on mp3car. been looking at pictures and installs for awhile but after seeing this post iRam I had to know more

    I know nothing about how carputers work. If anyone can help me by answering a couple questions and adding anything else that I might need to know, I'm very thankful

    1. How do you power up and shut down the computer by just turing off the ignition. I understand I can do it manualy, but I would rather it be done with the ease of turing off the car

    2. Using a touch screen, does this eliminate using a mouse ? I mean can you double click by tapping the screen?

    3. How much power do you need to power the CPU?

    4. I heard using a screen larger than 7 inchs could freeze in the winter and cause damage if too hot in the summer. Is this true?

    Thats all for now, but im sure I'll have more questions later

    Thanks for all the help people

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    1. Please see here. There is an entire FAQ section dedicated to helping users understand power suplies, powering PCs in the car, picking out power supplies, etc.

    2. The Touch Screen is generally used in place of a mouse, yes. There are double click utilities (usually, tap the screen and hold your finger on it till the right-click menu comes up).

    3. Again, follow the link above to find information that will be helpful to figuring out what size power supply you need.

    4. I don't know where you heard that using x size screen would have anything to do with if it would freeze or not. If it were such a problem, I don't think there would be so many people with screens in their cars.

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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    thank you for the reply and sending me in the right direction

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