Hey everyone. I stumbled upon this site while doing research on my mobile media center project. I became interested in making something like this after I cleaned my JVC head unit with the wrong cleaning solution and had to send it back in for repairs ( which could take up to a month ). I'm not developing a windows based carputer but rather one of the more budget minded xbox based ones with some added functionality through my custom additions. I've already learned a lot from browsing these forums (especially on the power side of things) and just wanted to say thanks to everyone for providing such a great resource of information.

You can count on me being the guy to ask 5 questions in a row in various forums about the same thing without providing any specific details whatsoever on a regular basis. Is the power inverter I have good enough for what I am running on it? I could tell you what the power inverter is rated at and what I am running off of it, but where would the fun in that be? I kid of course.

Here are some teaser pics of the system through my 3.5" head unit display. I have some 7" (RCA) monitors on the way which I will be experimenting with. The text is crystal clear in the playlist, I just didn't have my tripod with me when I took the pics.

If you are interested in my project, I have a worklog going up in that section as soon as the moderator approves it. Things to look for are a custom faceplate with media player controls, custom motorized mounts for both monitors, and more. Thanks again for providing a great community for home brew carputer / media center projects and I look forward to becoming a contributing member.