mother board (matx): Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-RH Socket 754
cpu (754):AMD Sempron 3000+ (1.8 gh'z)
ram:512 ddr400 400mhz
cd/dvd drive:usb 2.00 slim slot loaded dvd drive
gps:undecided probably a usb antenna
sound card:will run to amp undecided what amp may need external (usb)sound card for that
screen:usb touch screen will probably install 2 in the seats at later date when there is more money about
psu: need to work out the power ratings and will try n get an opus 1 with the auto on and off

cooling will be sorted out aswell probably use an aftermarket fan or liquid if anyone has tried that before?

pci wi fi adapter for connection to home network and any othe network when im around and about will also use an external areial for better reception

will this system run ok or will it be to powerfull for in car if it is 2 powerfull any spec recomendations i will stick with using a micro atx board as the rest r to expensive for me at the moment and it will sit in the boot any way

im pretty new to this so all help will be appreciated

am i looking down the right line to go or am i going to big for my needs or will i get away with this set up

many thanks chris