Ok well I have a tuning engine management software that is window based. I am wanting to buy a 7 or 8" touch screen lcd to put in my dash.
I want to be able to run a gps program, my tuning software and then basically just load all my mp3's into the computer.
What is a good quality budget car pc that will allow me to perform those simple tasks? I dont need like crazy graphics or anything. No gaming. No internet browsing. Just a good gps program and then running the ecu tuning software that is a serial port connector. I would like to wire the ecu wiring harness right into the car pc and also just have the gps installed and all my mp3's. What in all would I need to make this happen? I would like to also mount the car pc in my arm rest. Would over heating be a problem? Would I need to build some sort of a fan into it?
Sorry for all the noob questions. I am illiterate when it comes to car pc's or pc's at all really.