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Thread: Compaq Presario 6000

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    Compaq Presario 6000

    hey whats up guys, I'm new to the forum I have a question on a pc that can moded to work for the carputer, here it is I have a presario 6000 just collecting dust I was thinking about breaking it down and build a custom small box to use for a carputer and run road runnner program, what do you guy think? here are the quick specs of the pc I have

    Compaq Presario 6000
    -480 MB DDR RAM
    -AMD Athlon processor
    -Gforce 4 MX420 (graphics card)
    -DVD player
    -CD burner

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    You will probably want to use a laptop dvdrom instead of the dvdplayer and cdburner, to save power.
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