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Thread: EN15000G w/ M2-ATX Supply problem

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    EN15000G w/ M2-ATX Supply problem

    I apologize that my first post had to be a problem, id much rather contribute with my knowledge than my problems.
    I have the VIA EPIA-EN15000G motherboard and integrated processor with the M2-ATX power supply. I purchased both from I have ran a wire from the positive terminal of my battery and another wire from the negative terminal of my battery. I connected the one positive wire of the battery to the M2-ATX power and ignition leads (the manual said i could connect the + to ignition for testing purposes, which i did as i have not taken it off my workbench yet). The negative wire is connected to the negative on the M2-ATX. I have connected the M2-ATX main power plug into the motherboard, and also plugged in the hard drive. From the motherboard i have installed compatible RAM and also plugged in the SATA hard drive data cable, and also plugged in an External USB DVD-ROM to the back USB Ports.
    Sorry this is getting lengthy, i have been searching and cant find the answer, i want to give all the details.
    I have turned the car on (the power supply is set to be a regular power supply with no jumpers ATM) and the computer does not turn on, no fans no beeps no response at all. I believe the motherboard is still getting power though as the DVD-ROM will open and close normally when i press the button and when i unplug it from the computer it will not. Alas, the computer will not boot. I have a feeling this is because i am not hooking the motherboards ON/OFF switch up correctly, and do not know how. I have searched the forums as well as the online manual (it didnt come with a hardcopy) and i have no idea where to connect J8 on the M2-ATX to the motherboard so that the power supply will tell the motherboard to turn on so that i may begin install XP and software (and 40 gigs of music). If there is any more information please do not hesitate to ask, and i appreciate anyones help to get this thing turned on.


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    hi there

    did you check your mobo with other atx supply from a regular pc
    take everythink out and start mobo with ram only

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    some of the other members of the site were kind enough to give me the solution, somehow i didnt recieve the hardcopy of the manual and my online verson of the manual was only a few pages long and didnt have the page they refrenced for the solution. However the solution ended up being connect J8 to PWR to Pin 6 on the mobo and J8 GRND to Pin 8, that resolved it. Now i just gotta find an external floppy drive to install the sata drivers so windows installation will see my harddrive!

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