Power supply question.

I was looking at getting a VOOMPC with a m2 power supply for my final car pc project.

Now my question is regarding power supply.

I plan on using a relay in the dash using, radio constant (yellow) and radio switched as a relay signal (red) which will be hardwired to the power adaptor included with a lilput. That will turn on/off monitor as I want.

Now in running the radio remote wire to trunk were it will activate/deactivate carpc.

Up in the dash I plan on having a dvd slim drive, I will use a slim-IDE- USB2.0 interface, now this is were the first question comes. Can I grab the +5volts right from the P/S to power the drive?

Second question is, I will want to power an SB audigee, which is also needs +5 volts, will I have enough reserve on the M2 to power that as well?

As for USB devices I plan to run

Touch screen
Sound Blaster
GPS rec
Bluetooth dongle
USB outlet up in the dash
RF keyboard/mouse combo

Now clearly I will need a HUB, I refuse to “hot-swap” anything. I do not require an externally powered hub do I? if so, is there any +5v add-ons to the m2 like there are for the carnetix 1900?