Not sure if I've posted here before, I registered a long time ago when I first got interested in doing a car PC. I've not been logged in in a while as I've been working on a car modding / cruise community website, and work keeps getting in the way too.

I'm from Liverpool in the UK, and I drive a Phase 3 Peugeot 306 D-Turbo-S HDi. I haven't even started my installation yet, but I do have a Lilliput. I should be purchasing my system board this month and the case. It's all top secret at the moment, so as soon as I've made my mind up as to what I want to put in the PC, I'll post it up. I should be putting a false floor into my car this weekend to hide all the PC stuff and my Amps.

The car is currently running:

Alpine CDA-9835R
JL Audio e1200 Monoblock
JL Audio 2 Channel (forgot the model number!)
JL Audio W3V2 12" Sub.
Focal Polyglass Components.

This will most likely change to:

JL Audio 500/1 Monoblock
JL Audio A4300 4 Channel
JL Audio 12W6V2-D4 Sub but might go for a 13W6V2-D4
Exile Audio Components (Not sure which yet)

I'll be building a stealth box for the sub, keeping it out of the way!

I also have 3 classic Minis. At least one of these will be getting the JL treatment and probably 5.1 with double din Panasonic HU and possibly a cheap car PC! These are currently nowhere near completion, I've still got to fit bodykits and rebuild them

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures here in the next few weeks, and over at