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Thread: Newb to carpc (or truck in my case)

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    Arrow Newb to carpc (or truck in my case)

    I have an '03 F250 that I use to pull a 29' 5th wheel camper. I'd like to gather the necessary info to put together a system in my truck that will do GPS w/ turn by turn, mp3 player through stereo (probably FM modulator), and other misc. items, like monitor diesel engine parameters (not necessarily right off, but added later).

    I look forward to putting this system together and using the knowledge of the group to troubleshoot any problems encountered down the road. I've built a couple of desktop systems in the past, so I'm not a complete neophyte, but this miniature stuff might give an old guy with stiff fingers a bit of trouble.
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    make sure you read the faqs before posting any questions, some people can be pretty harsh..

    but anyway, welcome

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    These are some of the FAQs being referred to. It's highly recomended that you spend some time reading to get a good idea about what you're going to be needing to purchase and how deep you're getting before you get too deep into this project.

    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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