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Thread: Stupid newb Power Question

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    Stupid newb Power Question

    I am putting together a carPC setup to run my Megasquirt (car tuning) software in my dash. Fiberglassed a 7" xenarc TSV into my miata dash. Now heres the question:

    I see all these cases online that come w/ power supplies.. and I also see the M1-atx and m2-atxes. I plan on running a VIA c7 1.5 ghz board. Do I need the M2-atx AND the power supply that comes w/ a case? or can I just build a case and use an M2-ATX as a power supply. I guess I'm having a hard time defining what the M2-ATX really is (either a start/shutdown controller or a standalone smart power supply)

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    From what I understand it has all you need so you do not need the power source that comes with the case. But I would hold out for an answer form an "expert"

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    I appreciate the input. Thanks!

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