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Thread: Powering ATX size motherboard

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    Powering ATX size motherboard

    sorry for this newbie question ......but here goes.....

    I decided to build a case and go with a 'regular' size motherboard (Micro-ATX Form Factor) and cpu
    just wanted to confirm that the power supplies sold in the 'Store' here on will work with it --- I'm assuming yes -- but just wanted to confirm....

    Here is what I am using as my carputer....


    CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ 2.1GHz

    VIDEO - 3D Fuzion 6200 LE TC / 128MB DDR

    MEMORY - Kingston Value 2GB PC2-4200 533MHz DDR2 Dual Channel Memory

    DECIDED to go with a VERY modest video card --- for now

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    Have a look for Power Calculators (by searching) - that'll tell you how beefy a power supply you need to run all that lot. I am left scratching my head over why you need all that in your car, but I suppose the answer is "Why not?"

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    This is a guide to help you determine the appropriate power supply for your hardware. I'd read it and do some pokling around BEFORE purchasing hardware. That will help insure you don't purchase something that you don't need, wasting your time & money.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Got a better setup for ya mate, which would probably work out cheaper too...well atleast in my experience!!

    CPU: AMD Athlon X2 BE-2300 45w Socket AM2 1.9GHz Energy Efficient 1MB L2 Cache (~3800+)

    Processor you picked is most likely uses 65w of power, whilst the energy effiecient version I have picked uses 45w. Yes it is also slightly less powerful, however the difference is negligible. In comparison, I run ALL the latest games including next gen games such as BioShock on a single core AMD AM2 3500+!! This is on a 24" monitor as well, running at 1920x1200 with pretty much maxxed out settings!!

    Motherboard: ECS AMD690GM-M2 V1.0A Socket AM2 AMD 690G

    Tip: The chipset is derived in part from a laptops chipset. What this means, it uses less power!! Also has an ATi X1250 graphics chip onboard!!

    Ram: 2Gb is overkill in my opinion, 1Gb should be more than plenty!

    Graphics card: NONE! Yup that is correct. NONE. Why you ask? Well the Nvidia 6200 is a low end graphics card that appeared two generations ago. These days you can get MUCH better onboard graphics, which is usefull when trying to achieve a setup which uses less power and less space.

    The motherboard I have picked already has a kickass graphics embedded into it. Sure, it shares the RAM from the computer, but trust me, you won't know ;-) I used to game on a AMD XP 2200+ with a onboard geforce4.........what you might not know about me, I am a hardcore gamer!! This was with only 512mb of ram with 128mb going to the onboard graphics.....I was using this until a year ago!!

    Also as a bonus, if and when you want to upgrade the graphics card later on, you are free to, as it has a full PCI-e 16x slot.

    Oh and one more thing, the onboard graphics card has full video acceleration features, i.e Avivo. (Enhances video playback and takes the stress off the CPU leaving it to do other things such as GPS etc)
    The nvidia 6200 features no such thing, its simply too old!!

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