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Thread: Long time reader, first time poster...

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    Long time reader, first time poster...

    Hi all, I'm Twitchy. I currently reside in New Zealand and have an interest in practical car modification. I love tinkering with cars, but only if it enhances the vehicle through a practical aspect - for example Xenon headlights yes, spinners no (too heavy to be considered a performance accessory and consequently eats fuel and brakes).
    I have recently discovered this forum and been intrigued by the idea of installing a computer in a car. After having read quite a bit, I feel it is now time to embark on an adventure and modify my friends car with a carputer.
    Not really much to tell about me so without further delay, I'm off to read some more!

    p.s. Thanks to the mods and admins who make this place possible - this has to be the best and most well organised carputer forum around.

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    amen to that brother! this is the best site i have been on for, as you put it, practical mods. keep us posted on how it goes! and get some pics up lol!
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    Thanks for the kind words on the form. We strive to keep it civil and to get as much information as possible on here.

    If you have any suggestions, be sure to post them in the suggestions forum. I'm always open to ideas about how to improve this forum.

    Again, the maddness...
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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