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    Question Mp3 Dvd

    Hi everybody.
    I have a question:
    I have a DVD reciver, which successfuly reads DVD discs with video, CD disks with mp3...
    I want to write DVD disks with mp3, it's cheaper to write my mp3 collection at 1 DVD instead of 10 CDs.
    Once i've tried to do same as i write it on CD:
    Just copy mp3's and burn with Nero, computer reads this dvd, but my reciver in car and home theater at home doesn't read this dvd. Any ideas how to write DVD MP3 disk?

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    Not every car unit will read dvd mp3 and when they do they usually have rules on the structure the music is in. They might have a maximum file number they can see as in if you burn a disk with a 1000 mp3's all in the root it wont read them. It might also have a restriction on the depth of directories it can read. They aren't all the same rules either so your going to have to dig the manual out to find out if yours can play them and what the rules are. Also check your closing the disk off as some cant read open disks, infact I have seen some computers that cant read open disks as well.
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    Disc is closed
    Directory deph is 1-2 directories (it works with CD's by the way)
    and i listen to sets, so there are only few mp3's not more than 99 for sure.
    There must be another reason, it seems that both car and home theater players dont' try to check it for mp3. They just check DVD for if it's dvd-audio or dvd-video, but not dvd mp3. Maybe i should burn it with special feature or program.

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