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Thread: BMW E46 Carputer based on CarX: aux in?

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    BMW E46 Carputer based on CarX: aux in?

    Hi, I'm looking a solution to how put in a aux in to a E46 2005 coupé with navi 16/9, TV tuner, h&k audio system and keeping CD charger and front cd reader.
    I have all stuff to install the carputer but still don't know how to put audio on my car, is it possible to use FM radio transmetter with the carx menu screen? I see a lot of install procedure but all use tape emulation, but I have front CD reader and want to keep it on.

    Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english.

    PS: This is my car
    BMW 330Cd Invidual

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    there is an OEM method to adding Aux input to the factory system. I have a PDF some place, and you get the part from BMW
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    I was interested to get information about your carputer. If possible more details on parts. I've been researching myself for my BMW and I'm just gathering information. I currently have the Nuvee II(for my Ipod) connected to my car and also Sirius radio. They both replaced my CD changer. The nuvee II is an Ibus intergration and I also got the extention cable (dealer part) to connect both in series. This way you can keep your cd changer. This is how you can get audio into the car from the carputer. Aux in not needed. You can double check because I'm still learning. here's a link on how to make your own
    So, sound is being transmitted via usb to your car Ibus which is connected to your stereo.
    I hope this helps and if you can supply more info on your carputer. It would be appreciated.


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