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Thread: 2006 Pontiac Vibe Radio

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    Talking 2006 Pontiac Vibe Radio

    I need to find out if the radio (Single CD) radio with XM radio has an additional imput jack in the back to plug in an Mp3 player. The Vibe is sister to the Matrix so I'm guessing the radio is exactly the same. Does anyone know or can you direct me to a site where I can find out...... ?
    I've searched for sometime on the web with no luck.
    Thanks ! Tony

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    I can't speak for the 2006 model(s), but I test drove a 2007 Matrix a few months ago, planned on buying it, got shafted by the dealer and instead got a 2008 Vibe this past weekend. The two cars are nearly identical on the inside, but the radios are different. In fact, the one in the Vibe is the same one that was in my 2001 Grand Am, except black instead of gray

    However, I only saw the stock radios in each model, not the upgraded ones. But if you look at the pics on Toyota's site and on Pontiac's site, it looks like even the upgraded models are different. Whether the difference is simply cosmetic, but offers all the same features, I'm not sure.

    Not that those pics would offer much help, but your post makes me think you know that the Matrix one either does or doesn't have what you need, so I figured I'd throw what little I know your way just in case.

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    Hiya, I just got a 2004 Grand am and have been looking into the same, if your radio has the cd aux button, or apparently a band button, you might have the ability to use a box much like this one: Link to AUXGMV3
    anywho, just thought that might be useful for you


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