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Thread: Noob - Help recommend power supply

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    Noob - Help recommend power supply

    Hello! I'm obviously new to the game and need some PSU input. I am in the planning phase for a CarPC install on a 2007 Tahoe. I hope to keep it somewhat simple thus I plan on using a laptop w/ docking station and Lilliput 8" wide screen for my CarPC. Of course, my Dell laptop states a power consumption of 19.5 w while the monitor indicates < 9w. I am not sure on the docking station specs (Dell D family docking station). I would prefer that my the PSU feature start-up/shutdown and work with hibernate on my laptop. Any suggestions?

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Thanks for the link. I'm looking for recommendations on a power supply from members with similar set-ups and preferences. My searches were not very fruitful and perusing the forum over the past week or so hasn't yielded any successful results. Still searching!

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