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Thread: 2008 Nissan Titan LE Carputer help wanted

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    2008 Nissan Titan LE Carputer help wanted

    Hey everyone im new to this forum and just started reading about carputer.
    heres what i have.
    i have a 2008 nissan titan Le with DVD package, bluetooth, steering wheel controls and the factory rockford system with subwoofer mounted under the driver seat. what i am wanting to do is install a touch screen on the dash (will need to buy the factory nav bezal..?) my biggest question is can i wire in my existing factory installed dvd system? i want to use the factory dvd player to play dvd's onto my touch screen if possible but also easily switch back to the nav or anything else. can i do this?
    i went to a shop in town and asked about hooking an additional monitor into the factory dvd player and they said it couldn't be done... something about how nissan made the system. prolly cuz laws with having screens visible to the driver. i dont know. either way im stumped!
    i have seen quite a few posts from titan owners that have put a carputer up but none that have a factory dvd system.

    my thoughts are to buy a premade carputer like the ones i have seen on ebay and just hooking up the power from the battery and mounting the touch screen on the dash useing the factory molded nav panel. but i really want to be able to watch the same dvd on the back screen as the front either from the hard drive in the carpc or the factory dvd (hopefully either or not just one or the other) and have nav and audio controls and everything on the front screen while ppl on the back watch a dvd with the factory system and listen with the bluetooth headsets.
    Is any of the possible and if so how? i have some basic computer knowledge but not enough experiance with car audio and video. Any Idea's or sugestions are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    Thanks in Advanced!

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    Hey, I'm in a similar boat. I have 2008 SE and an aftermarket DVD player. I'm planning on using the nav bezel to hold a monitor of some sort and may do a computer too.

    My DVD player is mounted in the center console and is connect to a Clarion VA700 which provides 7 output connections. I've read for a Nav unit, you need a TV2NAV type device which provides a way to add TV/DVD to a Nav screen.

    I am active on several Titan forums and there's a wealth of information there if you aren't familar with them. I also have copies of the service manuals which includes wiring schematics for the head unit.

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    I've had a carputer in my Titan for about 2 years. I'm now on about version 3.0 and just got the nav bezel. Here is a past member that had a Titan. Maybe this will help. Good luck with your projects.

    2004 Nissan Titan LE install

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    Good day all!

    I just bought a 2008 Nissan Pathfinder se with the SAT package. The radio has a built in computer that monitors the veh. I also has a really cool screen. Now my questions is this... The pathfinder has a aux jack on the the radio for my Ipod which is cool. What I'm looking at doing is, is there a way or a connector that will allow me to plug in my 80 gb Ipod that will allow me to also view the videos on my I pod with out changing the factory radio? I have been looking every where and have had no luck. I was hoping that some one here might have a solution that I could use.

    I don't want to play DVD on the scree I would be happy with been able to see the songs and video form my ipod on the factory screen. Any help would be great I really would like to know if there is someting out there if not so I can stop looking.


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