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Thread: Hi all enthusiasts of car PC!!!

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    Hi all enthusiasts of car PC!!!

    Hi there!
    I am from Baku, Azerbaijan. Just got a wish to build a car PC into my Hyundai Tucson (2006). Already got a touch screeen monitor (8.4" Lilliput) and now thinnking about possible PC configuration. The main problem is on how to get this delivered to me, but from another side it's difficult to get a decision if you can't see and touch things before buy. Basic application for this PC has to be: GPS navigation, OBD data monitoring, Rear camera view, Music/Video, night vision, etc. No Internet or DVD burnig required.
    Hope to find here answers to my questions. All advises are highly appreciated.
    Thanks and hope to share with you my project, then it finally done.

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    Well I am sure you know that import duties will be expensive, so it might be worth it to buy it all together.

    Any basic PC with a DC-DC should be fine for you.

    Good luck with your project.
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    Yes, I know that. I have a chance to pick up a car PC at Houston, US or Dubai, UAE. Maybe you can suggest me the places where it's possible to buy it (exact shops or whatever else place)?

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