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Thread: lilliput gl701-tv/c/t

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    lilliput gl701-tv/c/t

    hi all great site ive just purchased a lilliput gl701-tv/c/t touchscreen unit and have hooked it up outside the the car and all works fine i have hooked all the speakers up to the pc then the amp but when i go to play the radio no sound at all my question is instead of seting speakers up to the lilliput unit itself do i need to access radio through the pc and forget about any of the lilliput unit at all as volume control on lilliput unit doesnt work for pc when plying dvds or music through pc. any help be greatly appreciated.


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    You speak a lot of generalities...

    In order to do any worthwhile troubleshooting, we would need to know ho yo have your audio wired...

    The Lilliput shouldn't have anything to do with your audio, as it's simply a display unit and input device.

    In order to wire up your audio correctly, I suggst reading this FAQ:

    It provides diagrams for wiring audio up in a variety of configurations including headunit, headunit with amnps, no headunit with amps, etc.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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