hi evereybody
i am working to read all posts and i am very tired. i have 2006 citroen c4. i read and read here and ordered some parts from e-bay ,i am very excited and waiting for it.

Lilliput 7" EBY701.
GPS Receiver 4 Nav Laptop PPC PDA PC USB Car antenna G3

i will buy these parts if you say they are ok for this system;

1) Sapphire Pure Element 690G X1250 HDMI+VGA AM2 MainBoard or MB4-MSI K9VGM S940/1000MHZ/DR2/PCI-E
2) AMD Sempron LE-1100 65nm 45W AM2 CPU 1.9Ghz
3) KINGSTON 1 GB DDR2 667 MHZ PC2 5300 Ram
4) 120 Gb 2.5" SAMSUNG 8 CACHE 5400 HDD

please inform me if i can use these system.