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Thread: Frontend compatability with 4" touchscreen?

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    Question Frontend compatability with 4" touchscreen?


    I'd really like you clever peoples advice on whether the screen in one of these would be suitable for any of the available (free) car pc frontends?

    Yes I have already bought it.
    Yes its a cheap piece of foreign tat.
    Yes it does everything I need it to at half the price.
    Yes it does have a very very very nasty interface.

    It just clicked today that the screen could be put to better use with a car pc. Its a 4" 16:9 touchscreen but I've no idea about the resolution - so whats the chances any of the frontends would display properly? and which would be your choice?

    Im very comfortable with desktop computers but if you guys give the screen the go ahead i'd love to pick your brains about connections and stuff

    Much appreciated

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    The touchscreen has no way of interfacing with a PC.
    With the right hardware, you could get a display on that unit, but it's not going to be sharp or clear.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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