Hi everyone. I've been lurking here for the past month planning out what hardware I am going to get for my CarPC. You guys rock and have been very helpful.

That in mind, how does this parts list sound to you?

1.5 Ghz VIA CN700 Mobo/CPU combo MiniITX
60 gig western digital scorpio laptop drive
DVD quantex slim slot loading drive
M1-ATX Power supply - is this enough to power my motherboard, all components, and maybe a sound card?
Lilliput 7" unless I find something better
Custom sourced case inspired by Blk02Si's case

I'm planning on trying to make a double din all in one unit. I am having a local shop make a case base on a drawing I'm working on in solidworks - though I havent figured out the hinge mechanism yet.

Am I missing anything important here? Or any considerations that I am forgetting with my choice of parts?

Thanks a lot guys!