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Thread: Liquid Cooling?

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    There are a few coolants that are nonconductive. A search on google will provide all the info you need. I know that sells some (MCT something) and another is Fluid XP. Though I have read posts of devices shorting out with non conductive coolants (supposedly due to the differences between air and the substances as a dielectric).

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    A non-conductive fluid is called a dielectric, examples of these are R134a - the refrigerant used in your car or 3M sells a line, one of the fluids is called FC72 I think. There are NO water based fluids that are dielectrics, there is NO additive you can put into water to make it non conductive.

    Some of the issues with using a water based system are freezing & organic growth, thats why they make antifreeze. You could build a system using this but it makes the water less thermally conductive. It just depends on your total heat loads you are trying to disapate & your expected ambient temperatures. You need to size the radiator to match these, bigger and you get closer to ambient with smaller fans, smaller & you need more air flow. You also have to be careful about dewpoint. If it's really cold in the trunk and you pipe this very cold fluid into a warm & more humid environment you get condensation - put some ice in a glass of water, that's what happens.

    Aside from the CPU/GPU you may need to cool your inverter as well, at least have it in a spot with good airflow.

    There are a couple of startups developing R134a based computer cooling systems you can learn more from their sites, try

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    If computers are your "main hobby", then I'd assume you're familiar with a lot of games that require at least an 8600GTS and dual-core Intel to run.

    You will have a VERY hard time powering these things in a car, as they consume a lot of power.

    Settle for a Pentium 4 system, with a Radeon 9800XT and that should be fine, provided your battery and inverter are of decent power.

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