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Thread: 2001 suburban

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    2001 suburban

    I have a 2001 suburban and trying to see if a carpc can be done on a budget of about $800. What i am looking to do is Navigation, dvd, bluetooth, i-pod video, back-up camera and link it to my sound system. Currently I have a pioneer in dash cd headunit that I would like to swap out to a indash touch screen. I would like to know how reliable and comparitive the navigation is in relation to one of the off the market (eg. garmin) windshield suction ones are. How does the sound system hook up to the carpc? And finally what components or ready built system would you recommend?

    My current setup is pioneer indash 6400
    pionner 4 way 6 3/4
    2 rockford amps
    2 vega vega 12" subs
    thx Drew

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    It might be possible to do it with the 800 dollars as long as you use the cheapes parts possible and probably buy used ones as well.

    PM me for details.

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    what do you guys think of this setup

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