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Thread: RGB to RCA Composite converter

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    RGB to RCA Composite converter

    Hello forum:
    I just wanted to know if anybody knows where to get an RGB to RCA Composite converter at a decent price. I'm trying to do something that I thought was going to be simple and has turned into a big hassle. Alpine makes one that was up on ebay but the seller yanked the auction down. The only other one I can find is in Australia for about 150.00 plus whatever shipping is. This seems like it should be a simple plug and play thing but I have had no luck so far. Any help would be great.

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    By RGB you mean VGA?

    If so look for a used "scan line converter". Should be able to find them cheap.

    Or do you mean scart RGB?

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    ^ RGB Analog is another (horrible) uncommon name for VGA.

    Short answer: Don't do it. Get a screen that's VGA compatible.

    There is a HUGE difference in quality between VGA and Composite.
    Ask anyone.

    Check out Xenarc for VGA compatible screens for a carputer.

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