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Thread: Ideas for 2001 chevy impala

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    Ideas for 2001 chevy impala

    I was hoping to be able to build a computer and use it to play music and dvd's in my car. I haven't had much experience in building computers, but i know most of the basic knowledge. I need help in deciding what parts to use because if i get the computer hooked up I would like to be able to upgrade it for more functions in the future, but I would like to make it a cheap project because my desktop computer in my house isn't very powerful and if i was to spend a lot of money on a computer in the car i might as well be using it for home and put my desktop from the house into my impala.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    how much power is required to safely run the computer off the car's battery?

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    ur gonna need either an inverter or a m2 atx power supply. and it depends how u plan on powering your computer. with an inverter you are gonna need a pretty big one. but if u get the m2 atx then its gonna be able to run u to 160w @12v

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