Hi, I've been archiving my DVD collection to DivX using a program which creates seperate AVI files for each chapter on the DVD.

I just installed StreetDeck on my carPC yesterday (trial) and I'm thinking about buying it.

Right now, when I click on the video player w/ StreetDeck it allows me to view my videos but I can only play 1 video at a time.

Right now, I can't select and play the whole folder of videos. I can only play 1 at a time and at the end of the video it prompts me if I want to play the next video. This is jarring and annoying when trying to watch a movie that's divided into various chapters.

Is this something that I can fix somehow? If so, could you let me know how I can go about doing this? If I know I can fix this up, then I'm sold on the software!

Thanks to anybody who can help that knows StreetDeck. :-)