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Thread: New Car PC info needed

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    New Car PC info needed

    I am going to be redesigning the dashboard and center console in my show truck this spring and I am looking for info/recommendations/suggestions on what will be needed.

    I am looking to totally eliminate my factory gauges and probably use Palmer Performances Dashboard software and some sort of custom skin.
    I will be looking for a 10" widescreen touchscreen monitor I can glass into the new dash.
    I will also need easy access to the cd/dvd drive for movies etc
    I will also(most likely) be eliminating my head unit so some sort of usb audio card would be needed.
    not really interested in gps but it may be possible.
    I have a Sirius Sattelite subscription so wireless internet will probably be needed

    Would I be better off buying a complete carpc in a minicase and sticking it under the seat or are they small enough to fab into the dash? Will I have accessibility issues?
    Should I enclose seperate components in the console and install the cd/dvd rom bay in the console. I'm sure I'll have some more questions in time. Just cant think of more right now.

    This will be a heavily researched modification for me so I'm not going to be ready to take action for a few months.
    Too cold to fiberglass now anyway.
    thanks for your suggestions
    The project vehicle is a Chevy Tahoe

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    Not addressing all questions as you'll find many answers in the FAQs/existing threads.

    You can mount the "pc" case where ever you want provided there's sufficient space for it and adequate room to cool.

    Personally I'd recomend using a carpc with and external optical drive. This will give you much greater freedom as to where to locate the "pc". Slot loading drives definetly intergrate better from a looks perspective when console mounted, so i'd research this option.

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