I have a 2002 mercedes s430 and the screen is crack, so insted replacing that for the same kind of unit I want to put a bigger screen and connect a pc to it but I guess nobodyhaven't don it yet here are some reasons
1 The size of the screen is to small only like 4x4 and I want a biger screen(if I want to keep it original)
2 The unit operate not only the cd changer, radio, phone and gps operates some other things on the car
3 Has a Bose system and the unit is Boche for mercedes that use a fiber optic cables and the amplifier is conected to the car computer and I don't want to rape everything of the car to put a new system that can costme a fortune

I'm wonder if I can put a 2003 mercedes unit ( has a bigger screen to keep it as original ) and then connect a pc to it, the unit for the 2003 and up is the same size just diferent set up and bigger screen
can any one help me out