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Thread: Noob here - Critique my system

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
    The mmo box kicks butt. I love it.
    Even more so because it's for tracer rounds.
    It's actually a little cooler than just tracer rounds - it's linked .50 BMG ammo in a 4:1 ratio of API to tracer. So, after every four "normal" rounds, there's a tracer round. API, by the way, stands for "Armor Piercing - Incendiary".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovecraft View Post
    Still waiting for the mobo to arrive, so I've been planning and ordering some parts. Ordered the heatsink for the CPU yesterday. It's the Thermalright XP-90 P4/K8 Heatpipe.

    Lightweight, and only 63mm tall. May or may not run a fan on it if I can get good airflow through the box.

    Have also decided to use a dual ball bearing 50mm fan as the exhaust fan. The ball bearings keep it quiet, and I'll have it on a rheostat so I can turn it up/down as needed for quietness/cooling. So, going to have to cut a hole in the box for the exhaust. For air intake, I've decided to try to get some louvers cut, like you see on old cars and hotrods. 4-5 louvers at one end and the fan at the other should still look nice and military.

    Have also collected various switches, lights and LEDs to finish off the top panel.
    Something to think about, the fan(s) in your system do NOT have to run off of regulated DC, so you could conceivably bypass the fans directly to vehicle electrical and save that small bit of amperage on your PSU...
    What I'm sayin is
    CPU/HDDs/ETC -> PSU,
    FANS -> Direct to battery

    Anyone know how much amperage your average fans actually pull?

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    Fans pull a negligable amount unless you have some crazy overclocking-master fan. I think less than 1 Amp unless I am way off base and someone will correct me...
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    Not very worried about 1 fan and the cpu cooler. The 80mm fan I just checked draws 0.14A.

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    Update! System is together and running TinyXP'05.

    Bad: This 845GV chipset doesn't support the 533 Mobile P-4 3.2 chip, so it's running on a Northwood 1.8A right now. It's a 50W chip, so I'm looking into other options. Heatsink is tall, but very efficient on this CPU (overkill). Might go "fanless" on the heatsink and just use an exhaust fan.

    Good: I didn't realize that this board had 5.1 support. Nice bonus! Everything else is running and very stable. Not bad for a no-name eBay special.

    New plan: Make it an in-dash unit based on blk02si's design. Simple, I have a sheet metal bender, and the destination vehicle is double-DIN.

    What's left to do:

    Build the case.
    Buy a 2.5" media drive.
    Buy power supply.
    Buy screen.
    Build bezel.

    Wow, that looks a long way off.

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