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For my part, I am not interested in competing; just like nice sounds for self and pasengers.
I have a PCI sound card made by Creative; the Sound Blaster hi-fi model. It has eq, thx, and something they call a "crystallizer" which restores highs, especially percussion to older recordings or lacking recordings.
As for cabling, my CarPC is installed in my rear cargo area in Dodge Caliber (read trunk), along with amplifiers and all power and audio cabling terminations.
The usb, vga video, remote start wiring are all quality bought or homemade cables. I carefully removed my plastic mouldings around door thresholds and such, and ran all wires and cabling under plastic mouldings.
On previous install, I ran all cableson one side of car only, this time I ran power and control wiring on one side of car, audio and shielded vga on other side. this was done because I have lots of cables, and to keep power and audio from having cross-talk problems. Worked fully well.
Try hard to hide wiring; it enhances the "magic" of your install, and believe me, you WILL get tired of looking at exposed wiring day in day out.
Best of success to you!
I know this all very well, I installed for a living for a while, and i am pretty anal about my wireing.

Im still pretty uneasy about giving up my HU alltogether. i might give it a try later. but i dont think i will do it right now. I dont really plan on having the pc on all the time, I only drive 8 miles to work and thats what my car gets 90% of the time.

Thank yopu for all of the advice so far.