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Thread: Hello from a newbie

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    Hello from a newbie

    Hi Guys, just thought i'd pop in and introduce myself/my plans!

    I'm newly graduated and now i have a full time job i'm feverishly trying to sort out a new car! Because of this and my love of all things gadgety i'm deciding to use an Carputer along with nice headunit and all sorts of interesting bits.

    The plan is to use an HP e-pc which i've just bought, in a similar fashion to here along with a Pioneer head unit which i'll use as an amplifier (with it's line in) and a motorised fold out screen to fit above in the 2 DIN slot of my new car.

    Front end has also been chosen with much browsing of your very helpful forums, as Road Runner, with the Digital FX skin to start off i think (thanks to all involved).

    Any help or things that newbies usually miss out on then please let me know! Now all i have to do is choose which OS to use, XP or 2000. Which is least memory/CPU hungry!

    Ok i'm done! I'll put up some photos or something when i start working, although it probably wont be that impressive, and i'll probably be pestering for help aswell!


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    Yeah - check the FAQ in the nav bar and read the stickies....lots of good information there.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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