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Thread: 5th Generation Honda Prelude Carputer

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    5th Generation Honda Prelude Carputer

    First attempt at a carputer, I'd love to get some feedback, good or bad. Here are some details.

    1999 BB6 H22A Honda Prelude SS (Sport Shift)
    OEM S-Spec Full Body Kit
    OEM White Projector Driving Lights
    OEM Rear Sun Screen
    OEM Type SH Rims

    Alpine CDA-7998 AiNet AM/FM/CD/MP3 Reciever
    Alpine TDA-5635 AiNet Cassette / DSP / BBE (Japanese Domestic Market Product)
    Alpine TUA-020XM AiNet XM Radio Reciever
    Alpine MRV-F353 4/3/2 Channel + Sub Drive Power Amplifer
    Alpine KCA-410C Versatile Link Terminal
    Alpine CHA-1214 12-Disc CD Changer (x2)
    Kenwood eXlinon component speakers all around
    Pioneer in trunk sub

    Lenovo 3000 200C Mobile Notebook Carputer input to head unit AUX LINE 2
    7-Inch Fully Motorized Indash Touch Screen TFT-LCD Monitor w/ VGA & TV Tuner
    USB AirCard
    WiFi Reciever
    DeLorme GPS Receiver
    Multimedia Mini Keyboard M2366
    Mini Laser Finger Mouse
    UniDirectional Mini Microphone
    Targus 4-Port Illuminated Mini USB Hub

    Vertical Lift Door Conversion

    Custom Wood Dash Overlay Kit
    Custom Wood Door Sills
    Custom Wood Rear Cup Holder Cover
    Custom Wood Rear Ash Tray Cover
    Custom Wood Rear Seat Consol Cover
    Custom Wood Front Center Consol Cover
    Custom Rear Package Tray
    Custom Red Center Wheel Caps
    Custom Pin Stripping
    Custom Plexiglass Driving Light Covers
    Custom Silver Instrument Trim
    Custom NR White Gauge Face Kit
    Custom Rear Third brake Light
    Custom Grill-Tech Mesh Grill Inserts, Top & Bottom
    Custom Rear R/H & L/H Side Marker Lights
    Custom Passenger Side Black Mesh Air Intake
    Custom Fitted and Lined Trunk w/ Tool Kit, Fire Extigusher & Flares

    Michelin Pilot Tires (5)
    Full Size Michelin Spare with OEM Type SH Rim
    Full Mud Flap Set

    Leather Red Stitched Shift Knob
    Leather Red Stitched Shift Boot
    Leather Red Stitched Brake Handle Cover

    Reverse Sensors with built-in LED Display and Alarm
    Apexi' EL ET-1250P/FP Oil Pressure Meter Pillar Mount
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    Looks more like a bragging list than asking for any feedback on the computer???
    Jan Bennett
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    That sure wasn't my intent, I just copied and pasted a list I keep of what I've done to the car in case I get hit by a bus and the wife sells the car. I'm new to carputers and wanted to start with what seemed like a pretty straight forward notebook / touch screen install. I wasn't bragging, just looking for good / bad opinions & feedback - I asked for it - I guess I got it.

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 GHz,2MBL2, 667MHz FSB
    OS: Windows XP
    Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950
    Memory: 1 GB PC2-5300DDR2 SDRAM (1x1GB)
    HD: 80 GB, 5400rpm Serial ATA
    8x DVD Recordable (Dual Layer) PATA Fixed
    Front End:inCar Terminal

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    Did somebody say Yoshinoya?

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    i think you did a great job on it. i'm in the process of building my carputer also but i'm going to take out my head unit and place an LCD indash and find a way to bondo the sucker to make it look clean.

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    is that a sticker on the laptop that says:
    "on board computer"


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    It's a strip of 1/2" brass, painted black, with "BB6 ON BOARD DIAGNOSITICS" in Yellow, Red and white vinyl letters, then covered with high gloss casting resin. Although not installed yet, OBD II and "tweaking" the car's computer settings was what started the idea of mounting a laptop in the car. Once I found and saw what was possible, another project was born! Attached is a close up and a view from the trunk with the back seat closed up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    Looks more like a bragging list than asking for any feedback on the computer???

    There's certainly nothing wrong with doing some bragging on your install if you're proud of it.

    Honestly, I think it looks great. If it works great, too, then all the better.
    I think this thread is a candidate for our Show Off Your Project forum.

    Say the word, and we can shuffle it off to our quasi-showcase.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Thanks! I would like that!! All the audio is up and running, as is the notebook, in a very basic carputer form with GPS, internet availablity, file sharing, pix and music. Not being that computer savy it's gonna take a bit more study to correctly tie it all together with a front end. With the basic one I'm using now, IncarTerminal, I'm still having difficulty sizing the skin to the screen. I think I have to adjust the screen resolution. Once I get alittle more familar with it I will probably be changing to RoadRunner or the like. I would have been completely lost and ignorant about any of this without
    In terms of hardware, I still need to wire the remote start up switch, get the rear camera installed, find some way of camoflaging the bright yellow GPS antenna on the back deck and tidy up the wiring.

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