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Thread: A Boy and His First Carpc

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    A Boy and His First Carpc

    Pretty sweet.

    Some experiences:

    Installed a new Compaq desktop pc in my cargo cmpt of station wagon near my amplifiers. Cabling (VGA, usb, remote..) run to cockpit by lifting moldings and squeezin' 'em under.

    I mounted a vector 1000 watt inverter on inside of firewall just above where pasenger's feet go; drilled thru firewall for inverter 12v power cables - direct to good body ground and (+) direct to batt.

    Monitor mounted on gooseneck mount to pass. seatbolt. using wireless kbd.

    The experience:
    >inverter runs great, but some fan noise, and tiny buzz in amps.
    >have to open rear hatch to turn pc on 'till remote wire is finished to cockpit.
    >cd's ripped .wav format best sounds yet in this car...
    >wireless kbd and Griffin powermate from mp3car work with ease.
    >not in any hurry, but may convert to dc-dc psu later.

    Other newbies - it's a lot of challenge and fun. Later

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