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    I plan to lurk for a while to gather as much information as possible. I work in the computer field and I am familiar with PC and hardware. I am also an amateur auto mechanic and not afraid to work on my vehicles. I hope to contribute in the near future.

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    Not being afraid to work in the car environment, get one's hands dirty...all plusses!

    I read the mp3car forums and printed out a lot to study and make notes on for three months before beginning to make purchases.

    Some of my experiences:

    >Used an inverter to supply 120vac to deshtop unit mounted in cargo cmpt of station wagon. Inverters are generally frowned upon, but I have no beef so far, except for the tiniest buzz in audio... remember that mst use a dc/dc converter to power carpc's. See mp3car store for some neat stuff to salivate over.
    >Didn't want to change any stock dash installs (as yet), so mounted 7" vga monitor on flex gooseneck mount on seatbolt.
    >using wireless kbd from mp3car store ($70)
    >have usb cable running to dash, plugged into 4-port hub. very handy.

    It's lots of fun, and there's no one way to do it. helpful hint: do not consider mounting anything in the not-so-clean under-seat environment. As DarquePervert said "you don't want to fart on your computer" !!


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