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Thread: Newb equipment list sanity check

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    Question Newb equipment list sanity check

    Hi all. I have been browsing this site for a while and have put together a hardware list that I think should work but would like some feedback from the experts.

    Motherboard = Intel D201GLY2
    Power supply = M2-ATX
    Hard Drive (2.5")= SAMSUNG Spinpoint M Series HM250JI 250GB
    RAM = 1gig DDR2 533 (any brand)
    Case = Voom PC, or Mini-Box M200/300 or build my own
    Monitor = Shark 7" touchscreen (found this on ebay for cheap)

    I have not made up my mind on a front end yet, but it will be Windows based. I am leaning towards Roadrunner as of now but still poking around. My expectations are to be able to play Mp3's etc, DVD movies stored on HDrive, FM stereo, Bluetooth, SIRIUS, and Navigation (one day). I want this to power up/down with my vehicle ignition and turn on/off my amplifier and other audio components. I was also thinking of maybe adding a wireless card (not sure if I have to loose FM radio) so I can connect to my home network and download the latest albums or movie from my server before I drive off. Will this hardware list work? Are my expectations ok or am I out in left field on some of these? Thanks for any input or help.

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    Hi tahenke,

    Your list looks good; don't forget your kbd - I use a "Gene" wireless kbd purchased from mp3car store ($70).

    Caution about that Voom case: it's got little rrom to spare. While you can fit a slot-load cdrom drive and etc in it, sliding the two halves shut can be tricky so as not to pinch cabling or to have cabling push against memory board, thus warping it...

    Good idea on the larger HD 'cause you'd be better off ripping yr cd's at a better format than mp3. I ripped about 250 cd's using .wav format and have much better sound than my old mp3 rips. I still have 160GB of a 320GB HD left after installing programs and ripping 250+ cd's.

    I have a Netgear fast wireless card that I use when i can get on a DSL connection; a bluetooth USB dngle for connecting via mypocket pc phone.

    sounds like yr off to good start. Tedious tho it be, keep reading the forum posts and do lots of research. It pays to study...

    Best of Luck and Blessings!

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    Thanks for the reply. I have been a little worried about the case size. I want the smallest case possible for that motherboard and I am mostly worried about the height of the cooling fins. I can't find any measurements for that. I think the Voom case was about 2.5" tall and the other case was 2.1". Just sizing it up in pictures looks like the cooling fins are at least 2" tall, I just don't know for sure? I don't plan on using a CD or DVD rom. I will just temporarily connect one to load Windows and them package up the carputer without it and use USB to load all other stuff (music, programs, etc). I hear you on the mp3 thing but I've already ripped my entire collection to mp3 at 320bit to get the highest quality (hence needing a large drive to hold it all) I have about 80gigs worth now. I don't know how many albums, I just know it's a lot! In retrospect I should have just done .wav but whats done is done. I haven't seen much discussion on hear about wireless and if it is worth it to try and download stuff from my home network or will I just be sitting in my driveway for hours waiting (NOT!). As for the keyboard I was just going to use one temporary (like the CD rom) and then touchscreen only after that. Thanks for the advice

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    Also it's probably important to mention that I will be completely removing my current reciever and using the carputer in it's place.

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