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Thread: Amp Purchased - Check

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    Amp Purchased - Check

    I decided to buy my amp. A Sony Explode 554ZR...It is not a huge power house and the foot print is a little bigger than I wanted but the price was PERFECT! I also have a guy at work that got one and his worked great on his speakers as a all around sound type amp. So I decided get it. Next...get the power into the car and place the ampwhich is going to be decided once I get out there and see where I can get into the car with power.

    I am going to get creative with my mounting of the amp because I don't want it in the way. I have a stupid question...on I have seen a couple Trackers with their amps under the front seats...I am pretty sure there are vents under them for people's feet in the rear. When the heat is you think this could cause a problem with the amp over heating? Sorry if this is a stupid question (along with my next one) but my old car I had the amp in the truck and never really had to worry about this.

    The second is do you think it is better to hook the amp to my battery for the ground or to the chassis?

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    1) Under seat is fine as long as you an a min of 1 inch clearance on all sides.

    2) Either way you have to hook it up the the battery. I'd recomend the normal way: +'ve to battery, -'ve to chassis.

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    Thankyou for you feed back. Ended up putting the amp in the rear. I am going to build a box around it basically to protect it.

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