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Thread: Newbie from FL!

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    Newbie from FL!

    Hey everyone, thought I'd say hello. I'm a tech geek, and have been figuring out how to integrate a PC into my truck. I stumbled on this site on accident, not realizing all these options were already here! Just had a baby, so once the checking account levels out, here's my plans:

    • In-Dash (not fold out) touchscreen
    • Wireless access via my PDA Smartphone
    • Navigation
    • DVD playback for the kids
    • Massive MP3 Library w/ easy update

    As I get building, I'll keep you all updated. I'm already a software / hardware guy, so this will be a new, fun project for me.
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    Be sure and create a work-log in the work-logs section!
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Welcome. It's a wonderrrfull obsession.

    I just drive around, also sit in my driveway and marvel. Too bad gas prices are so high, 'cause I use a lot of it carpc'ing!

    I ripped cd's as .wav files as i have large HD....sounds better than the old mp3's...

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