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Thread: New guy here

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    New guy here

    Hey all,

    Names Henry and I'm sorta new to this. I've read about other people installing car-puters in their personal vehicles and I figured why not learn something new?

    As of right now I own a 1994 Honda Accord, my third car and probably my favored generation of the Accord family. I first heard about this place through after doing some research on trying to do this:

    It's a OEM Honda Navigation unit from a 2001 Odyssey installed in a 1997 Accord. Fully functional not to mention it should have been introduced in the Accord years back..because it fits so well in there.

    As of right now I have a Navigation screen on the way (won it off of eBay) and I'm currently bidding on the control unit.

    As far as the wiring this is where I'm completely stumped. I don't know of anyone who has done this and the owner of the car in this picture is kinda hard to track down.

    So far I've got in contact with a guy who will charge me $450 dollars just to make a custom harness..a little pricey but I figured I would come here and ask for some helpful advice.

    Maybe down the road I will go the carputer route.

    I really hope to learn allot here as well.

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    Cant really offer much advice on that one.

    I would suggest looking for a decent honda forum, there are loads out there, they usually have sub sections like audio and nav systems, im sure youll find something there.

    I had to do it when looking for lcd bezels and got loads more information that way.

    Other than that if its 400 bucks to do it, just got the carputer route, way better in functions and prob wont cost that much more to complete a decent project.

    good luck
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    agreed with jonesscc
    Iam building my carpc for about $700
    and it sure is much better then the 01 honda navigation unit.

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