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Thread: Noob geek in the uk....

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    Talking Noob geek in the uk....

    Hi peeps...

    Just wondering... can you get a single din sized screen???

    or can anyone advise if they've put a touch screen in their sun visor?

    I have a Nissan Primera GT (only got it yesterday and planning already!!)

    was wondering if there's a monitor approx Din sized as a display and have a set of controls or remote somewhere else... or possibly have a touch screen in the sunvisor to control? is that possible?

    The plan for the computer is MP3/Radio (if poss)/Bluetooth phone/gps map (not navigation... showing where you are)/vid play(not 100% on this)

    was looking at the roadrunner/frodo stuff before... Is there anything linux based out there? looked at a few things but nothing spectacular...

    and Can you use a normal head unit as an amp? by having line out to back of the stereo?

    if that's the case may go for the sunvisor touchscreen....

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    Hi there,

    You can get single DIN pop out touchscreens (that's what I have), but I haven't seen a full screen that fits in a single DIN, only double DIN, but single would be too small. I don't think I've seen a visor mount touchscreen - visor mount displays yes, but don't remember seeing one with a touch panel.

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    would it be possible to fit a toch screen in a sun visor?

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