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Thread: Newbie Needs Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummerian View Post
    It's been discussed here before.

    Personally, I would not buy a product that is prone to problems (like the in-dash touchscreens tend to be) from an eBay reseller. If you have problems with it, support from an eBay seller is going to be troublesome, at the very least.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    i see, with the mini (old style 88') the clock are on the right so no probs with blocking those off, im thinking of making my own dashboard anyway so i can easily play around, i really like the motorized ones because it hides away when your not in the bar and i think you can move the angle round fairly easily. any other ideas? pics of people that have done a car pc in a mini?

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    Poor student?

    This isn't going to be a very popular response, but:

    I'd say hold off, concentrate on you studies, pay off the car, and then have at it once you get some time and surplus cash.

    The thing is, cost of these things tends to spiral out of control for most people, but the real problem is time. It's an interesting and stimulating hobby, but it is very time consuming. Your time is better spent on studies and maybe sports to release the stress of school.

    Time was always something I had in short supply while I was in University.

    There'll be plenty of time and money to "do it right" after you take care of the important stuff first.........................
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    haha this is probably good advice, buttt when did i ever listen to the logical answers

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    I can honestly say that my studies have suffered as a result of the introduction of this hobby into my life.

    Tomorrow, I've got to spend a few hours on some review of intermediate algebra, to get ready for calc II.

    It can be hard to fine the discipline to put the carpc away and knucnle down to the studies. I've been there.

    Great advice, Great White!
    Happy CarPC'ing!

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