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Thread: Newbie need help with his DVD-NAV ND3T-W55

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    Almost same issue has been faced by one of my colleague a vitz user, but he managed to convert the system in simple DVD player and now he is happy with that.

    I am sorry to read all posts here, unfortunately we don't have such facilities here, it is not only limited to cars but with many electronics things what so ever imported in our country. I think there is a need to look into the matter from the top level as government or private-government alliance, to make things available and reach of a citizen with international standards. As it will also open doors to new investments/business and off course subside gray channels as well.

    @meddler: you are right at your place, we should NEVER promote piracy NOR support it.

    meray pakistani bhaio private messages use karo, phone ya email pay discuss karo open forum pay kyo post kartey ho ? Please for the sake of image of Pakistan....

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    yeah i want that cde and i am in lahore my number is 03007878995 can u please make me

    Quote Originally Posted by sheraz2000 View Post
    Dude i got the Restart DVD but unfortunately it is 8GB in size. Cant upload or help u in any case here dear. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. If u r from here, u can get it from me, otherwise BAD LUCK man. U can check any local repair shop or something, someone's gonna have it eventually.

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