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Thread: First CarPC install W/O stereo. Need amp advice.

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    First CarPC install W/O stereo. Need amp advice.

    I have an ongoing project in my garage my wife is making me put on the road. I'm happy because I'm allowed to spend money and finally get her half-way finished. She's a 1985 Camaro Berlinetta and I'm trying to make her live up to the name "Starship Camaro" she was given by Chevrolet.

    This car had a very unique stereo from the factory. Pillar-style on the center console. That is where my display is going to be mounted. Having no want for a head unit in this car, I've been searching around I'm wondering if I can use a 4ch powered EQ instead of amplifier?

    The way the speakers are mounted, I have rear 6x9's, and front 4" speakers with a x-over and .75" tweets in the A-pillars. All of the wire is running to where the bottom of the D.S.R. seat was, along with the SX260 and relay panel (and holder spot for future Fusion Brain)

    After not even thinking of an EQ before and almost buying an amp, I'd rather have a powered EQ instead because winamps EQ sucks compared to a decent EQ (if you can tune them), and it's another way to have gain control to turn her down real fast when the sound police are near

    Has anyone used an EQ instead of an amplifier before? Did I not use the search function effectively? Thanks in advance for your replies, and pictures will be on the way.

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    You can do it, generally powered EQs are pretty low power.

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    Hrmm, powered EQ? Never seen anyone actually using one myself.

    In all honesty, you'll most likely want more if you end up going that route. However, if your just looking for some basic audio to listen to, it could be all right for you. It's just more practical with dedicated amps if you want quality sound.
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    Right on, I'm buying the amp, thanks guys!

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