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Thread: Using a 12v power port to power 3.5" drives

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    Using a 12v power port to power 3.5" drives

    I have a xbox360 hddvd drive and a wd my book 320g external hd
    the power brick on the hddvd drive outputs 12v at 2.5amps and the brick on the Harddrive outputs 12v at 2.0amps, if i get a power port plugin with the proper tips to plug into the drives could i power them?

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    You could, but they wouldnt last long. You will need something to even out and regulate the voltage spikes that are inherent in cars power systems.
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    so are there plugin that are regulated or would you need a power supply to do that? i am thinking of using them for updating and file transfer so i dont have to pull the whole thing out of the car. they would be unplugged before i started the car.

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    The hard drives require regulated power.
    Drawing power directly from the car's electrical system is not regulated and would likely damage the HDD.

    Get a voltage regulator. A Carnetix P2160 would probably do you nicely if you can find one.
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    BTW your car's alternator normally produces 14 volts.

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