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Thread: LCD display for general car information?

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    LCD display for general car information?

    I was curious as to if it was possible to replace my dashboard with an LCD monitor that displayed the same information (speed, gas, KM, etc).

    I'm not sure if the car make really matters but it's a 97 Acura Integra.

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    It is possible but I wouldn't go replacing information panel with an LCD. Frankly, I'm not even sure if that would be legal. You could, however, mount the LCD on the center of the dash and have it display that information. You would need to construct a carputer and buy an OBD-II reader. You would also need a front-end program capable of displaying OBD-II information. But like I said, I doubt placing it over your information panel is a choice idea. If the carputer would fail, you would have no idea how fast you're going and if you got pulled over you would have to explain that your carputer broke and you couldn't see how fast you were going... You'd probably get a hefty ticket for that.

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    yes it is possible.
    Personally, I wouldn't do that, windows are not a stable o/s.
    (if you're planing to use windows and pc to do that)

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